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How to digitize translucid Cultural Heritage object surfaces

From the beginning I must say that this post is not a guide. I recently published a paper on this topic, and I believe it is more than helpful for anyone in the position of digitizing translucid or highly specular objects, especially in the constraints of Cultural Heritage preventive conservation rules. So this post is a discussion starter and a kind of an invitation to read this paper. The most...

First steps in 3D Modelling after 20 years. A new path

3D modelling cover

3D modelling. It’s been a while, but damn it feels good to feel the power of creation again! And by that I mean creating something from nothing. I’m not going down of the memory lane to tell you my story with 3D modelling. Instead, I will make a brief review of the tutorials that got me going again on this road. This is my first post on 3D modelling, but many more will follow. So bear...

3D digitization in the documentation of Cultural Heritage assets

This discussion is intended as a brief introduction to the field of 3D digitization/documentation in Cultural Heritage. About its mission, means and future. Since this field is where I spent most of my focus, I thought it might be a good idea to draw some loose lines around what is what here. What is 3D digitization I wrote a few general things about digitization here and its distinct meaning...

Digitization and Digitalization: What is the correct usage?

digitization of polychromy

This short article about the correct usages of the terms digitization and digitalization has been on my mind for a long time. I’ve already touched the subject in few other papers, especially here (in Romanian). But it is a subject that I’ve long wanted to write about on this blog. So, without further ado, I hope you will enjoy it and maybe it will clear up some questions. Welcome to...

element of imagination and creation

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