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3D digitization

Utilizing aerial and terrestrial photogrammetry, we provide precise digital capture for detailed analysis and accurate preservation. Discover the scientific and analytical advantages that ensure the enduring significance of cultural heritage.

Virtual reconstruction

Step into history with our meticulous 3D modeling. Based on archaeological evidence, our immersive virtual experiences transport you to the past, offering unique opportunities to explore and engage with cultural heritage like never before.


Unveil cultural heritage through interactive web-based 3D viewers. Delve into digitized artifacts and sites, experiencing history firsthand without the need for specialized software. Explore from your browser, connecting with the past at your fingertips.

Take virtual heritage
to the next level

Going digital involves both digitization and digitalization processes and transformations. In Cultural or Natural Heritage the orientation towards the digital is booming now, but by no means is it a novelty. The technology democratization today leads to a broad accessibility to faster and easier ways to digitize natural, cultural and archaeological assets. We want to collaborate with you and help you get the best out of these technologies and to have an outstanding online showcase of your collections.

Give digital life TO YOUR COLLECTION

Yes, you can use your phone, with almost no skills prior and no costs, to create a 3D digital model of your desired object,
but it would be like printing your front camera selfie on a canvas, frame it and hang it on a public portrait photography exhibition.

Would you?

Fast data acquisition
Experience and skill cannot be replaced. When you add automated processes into the mix, it becomes unbeatable.
Real colors
Digitization of Cultural Heritage surfaces, of any type, cannot start without considering real-life color and light reproduction.
Precision and resolution
"Record as if you have to reproduce it". As a consequence, accuracy is our main priority in digitization projects. Spatial resolutions up to 0.02 mm can be easily achieved with our methods.
Aerial survey
Archaeological sites, monuments or cultural landscapes can also be digitized using both aerial and terrestrial survey.
From raw data to finely post-processed 3D models, ready to go online or ready to print. Don't know what you need? Ask us.
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REVAMP or build anew your online collection

Websites are not dead! Nobody says they are, but surveying the online space of Romania’s museums the most significant amount of content is published on social media platforms, while the websites have a feeling of minor or secondary importance. Even though it gathers the most interactions and views, still, it is not as consistent and organized in data presentation as a website. Because of this, in our view, the website and the online catalogues/databases are the most important tools for promoting a cultural heritage or art collection.

So, bring your website up to date!

Step into the digital
Virtual museum
Be it a collection, a treasure hoard or just an usual archaeological site inventory, it can be turned into a real 3D virtual museum with immersive graphic storytelling.
Online journal
Update your valuable but technologically dated online journal today! We can help you choose the right tools to best suit your journal needs in todays' standards.
Bring your own idea
And together, we'll make it happen!
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own your 3D models

Remember Google+, Vine or MySpace?  What will happen with your 3D digitized collection of hundreds of pieces, stored on a such of third party platform, a platform that decides to suddenly change policies or even worse, follows the path of the aforementioned platforms and … just be gone?
Do you have a plan for such an event?

Assume responsibility for your virtual collections!

Achieve digital recognition
Online presenter
Embed your 3D models within your own website: the artistic or scientifc way!
3D model database
Exhibit in a professional way your collection. Manage your 3D models with a modern database that will put you on the map of the world's most modern museums and galleries.
On Any Device
Stop worrying about how it will look on mobile or different screen formats. We'll take care of it so that anyone will be able to experience your collections from anywhere, anytime!
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Step into the Digital

You decide the change you want to bring in your environment.
Let us help you with the tools you need to make that change happen.

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