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Hi there, friend, welcome to my blog! A luthonium mining place for photogrammetry and photography enthusiasts.

I am Laurențiu, your host and guide for your time being here.

Great. And?

Let me introduce myself. Working as a Scientific Researcher I have experience in lab equipment automation, programming and imagistic documentation of artworks and Cultural Heritage assets in the National Institute for Research and Development in Optoelectronics INOE 2000. I started in this field 13 years ago as a freshman graduate of Computer Science and Physics faculty. What brought me on this path was my passion for history, archaeology, uncovering mysteries and drops of programming, design, and science. Now I’m a Ph.D. since 2011 with a thesis in the field of imagistic methods corroboration.

heavy metal research in 2006
Heavy metal research back in 2006

Back in high school together with two friends of mine, we used to model 3D replicas of famous castles and citadels from Romania. We loved playing with cameras in 3D Studio Max (version 2 at first, I think) and rendering animated movies with flyovers of those 3D models. Pouring in some of our favorite riffs and intros from Symphony and Metallica in Adobe Premiere and bam! audiences were silenced everywhere we went to show off. :)). Mind that those were the times when Quake 2 and Half-life 2 were in their prime. And we were avid gamers.

Dragomirna monastery – 3D model cca. 1999

A lifetime later, today, I find myself specialized (self-taught mind you) in 3D digitization of artworks and historical monuments with photogrammetry and laser scanning. Meaning digital reconstruction of 3D surfaces with high accuracy for documentation and monitoring purposes. It’s not a child-play anymore but I like to think that I’m still playing around. Because it’s fun! And still am an avid gamer. I guess some things never change.

OK, so what’s up with this luthonium thing?

Luthonium‘s story shall be revealed. One day.

I’m impressed. What else?

I’ve always kept journals throughout my life. I also used to write bits of fiction or fantasy but never quite finished anything. The thing is I love writing. Much more than speaking. Perhaps that’s why I’m starting a blog and not a vlog. And let me be clear with one thing: I don’t like writing on paper. I have terrible handwriting and sometimes I feel like an illiterate skipping a lot of letters or killing them right there on paper, out of the pen. The results are always an incomprehensible hieroglyph mumbo jumbo. I love calligraphy, other people’s calligraphy but I’m just terrible at it.

With this blog, I want to channel all my luthonium energy into creating both artistic and scientific content focusing on 3D reconstruction and photography. It will serve both as a documentation instrument for my progress in these fields but also as showcase platform.

Beautiful! So what’s in it for me?

Take for example this model below. All my showcases shall be accompanied by detailed observations regarding my process and method. Some experiments will serve as examples for tutorials.

Photogrammetry project back in 2016 during a collaboration in Seville, Spain

The same with photography. Although in the world of photography tutorials and guides, mine are those that are clearly missing. :)). My favourite genres of photography are landscape, macro, and portrait. But my focus is on using specific methods of photography in order to express certain moods and feelings.

long exposure gamla stan
Scenic view of Gamla Stan, Sweden (2019). Long exposure.

But the most important thing for me here is to create a connection with you. I’m not going to flex and show off my skills or achievements like that, but instead, I am more focused on sharing the process and the way to overcome hardships in reaching the goals. We can grow together and we can help each other. All my posts will be open to discussions and debates. This way everybody learns.

Thanks, I’m totally subscribing, now! Pffbbtt!

Love & respect, Laurențiu.

See you around!

element of imagination and creation

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