Laurențiu Angheluță, PhD

SENIOR RESEARCHER, 3D Digitization specialist, web developer

My wish is that one day we can live in the world that is best suited for our dreams and needs. For this, things need to change. And change starts with us, within ourselves. Find out the cracks and start understanding them, how they appear and why do they exist. Then search, find and learn the tools for tackling them and finally, re-build your foundation and existence system. 

In these times of accelerated change, in all fields, adaptability and common sense is key for success. Trying to bury your head, ignoring the winds of change that shuffles your hair is certain doom. In certain fields, like 3D graphics and design, both hardware and software rapid advances makes it hard even for professionals to keep up with the latest and best new practices. For hobbyists, or casual users the time for merely accommodating or even perfecting a new workflow mostly ends up with the release of a new, better algorithm, functions or software versions that might render the learnt workflow obsolete. 

After 16 years of scientific research under the larger umbrella of Archaeometry, I have witnessed this accelerated change in the last years. Photogrammetry, for example, in the past 7-8 years, took off from way behind of laser or structured light scanning as one of the most accessible and reliable method for 3D digitization. Hardware miniaturization and software advancements give accessibility and the power of processing to a much larger  scope of experts.

My mission as a researcher, developer and creative is to collaborate with you in order to give you the tools that will improve your workflow in digital documentation and archiving in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage. 

3D digitization of  objects or collections ranging in size from a few centimeters to full size buildings or archaeological sites and in type of materials from textile to paper or metal and stone. I can help you process and publish online your own data on your own website and server, without using external services. We can also collaborate on developing complex databases and spectacular visual storytelling in 3D for your special collections. 

Digital heritage is best preserved when you have full control of how it is managed. 

Take control of your Digital Heritage!

Member of:

  • CIPA Heritage Documentation,
  • ISPRS – International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing,
  • SRFT – Romanian Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
  • EUROPEANA Network Assocation (workgroups: Research, Education, Technological developments)
  • Board member (web editor) of Cercetări Arheologice journal,
  • Centre of excellence for restoration by optoelectronic techniques – INOE 2000 (Senior Researcher II).

Professional Credentials

Licenses & Certifications

  • Photographer (Certificate no. L 00042575)
  • Cultural heritage investigator (Certificate no. L 00039738)
  • Trainer (Certificate no. K 00158744)
  • UAS flight license EASA OPEN Subcategory A1-A3
  • Entrepreneurship Competences (Certificate No. M 00078358)
  • Innovation Manager (Certificate)
  • Blender for virtual 3D reconstruction of heritage (Pablo Aparicio Resco – Kore Formacion) – 60 hours
  • Three.Js Journey (Bruno Simon) – 3D web programming, 40 hours
  • Fighting Cultural Heritage Crimes. An Introduction – Universita Ca’Foscari Venezia (eduOpen)
  • NETCHER – 3D Reconstruction of Cultural Heritage at Risk – International Online Training Programme
  • UAV and terrestrial Photogrammetry and Analysis – RedCATCH, Fulpmes, Austria
  • Photography for 3D modelling of cultural heritage – Tutorial at the 27th International CIPA Symposium

education background

  • PhD Graduate in Sciences – Physics (2011).  University of Bucharest, Physics – “Corroboration of imaging data generated by non-contact investigation techniques for the construction of complex reliefs in restoration-conservation
  • Master of Physics (2008). University of Bucharest – “Automated optoelectronic device for qualitative analysis of the surfaces using the LIF technique
  • Bachelor of Computer Science and Physics (2006). West University of Timișoara – “YAG:Nd Laser in Cleaning and Analyzing of a Stone Decoration’s Surface

Professional Experience

So far, my main professional experiences have been with INOE 2000. So, in the past 15 years I can mention a few interesting sites I’ve worked on with 3D digitization (aerial or terrestrial) and different other imaging methods:

  • Episcopal Cathedral St. Hierarch Nicholas – Râmincul Episcopy (2019)
  • Rupestral complex in Aluniș-Bozioru (2017-2018)
  • Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa (2015-2017)
  • Parroquia Arciprestal Basilica Santa Maria (Morella, Spania) (2016)
  • Mezquita (Cordoba, Spain) (2016)
  • Omnium Sanctorum, Santa Maria Magdalena (Sevilia, Spain) (2016)
  • Heroes Ensemble in Târgu Jiu (2015 – 2019)
  • Church B4, Basarabi-Murfatlar, Constanta
  • Painted tombs in Constanța