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Vlad III reconstruction cover

Historical 3D Character creation: another course review

Virtual reconstructions and recreations, without a real scale factor and an affective component in them can be perceived as stark and abstract. They can rely on a lot of information but are lifeless. This post describes my experience with a thorough course regarding the 3D historical character creation that I attended at the end of 2022.

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Kula Project

It’s been an year since I started this project and almost half an year since I started this post that was supposed to introduce you the concept behind this project. Things stumbled many times, many corrections had to be done and a lot of work to be updated. Lessons were learned, new white hair threads appeared and a patient collaborator was won. This is the story of Kula Project.

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Photogrammetry Workshop Plovdiv 2022

A few thoughts after the Photogrammetry Workshop Plovdiv 2022, a pre-event for the 14th ICCM Conference Plovdiv 2022. My first intensive photogrammetry course in the shape of a workshop.

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Virtual Heritage cover image

Virtual Heritage – thoughts in 2022

The Real and the Virtual, taken together, can greatly expand the cultural and human experience. In the field of Virtual Heritage, this synergy transforms the person (visitor or expert) from a simple observer into an active participant, in the main role.

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