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Everything about Virtual Heritage: 3D modeling, 3D digitization, 3D publishing in relation with Cultural and Natural Heritage.

Kula Project


It's been an year since I started this project and almost half an year since I started this post that was supposed to introduce you the concept behind this project. Things stumbled many times, many corrections had to be done and a lot of work to be updated. Lessons were learned, new white hair threads appeared and a patient collaborator was won. This is the story of Kula Project.

How to digitize translucid Cultural Heritage object surfaces


From the beginning I must say that this post is not a guide. I recently published a paper on this topic, and I believe it is more than helpful for anyone in the position of digitizing translucid or highly specular objects, especially in the constraints of Cultural Heritage preventive conservation rules. So this post is a discussion starter and a kind of an invitation to read this paper.