The Demonstrator

point cloud viewer

A customized 3D viewing experience that can be integrated with a detailed database (metadata, paradata, image galleries, documents etc.).

pre columbian aztec style figurine


Metadata and paradata fields are also customizable, depending on the project’s purpose. Below is an example of what might be included.


Title: Pre-columbian seated figurine
Material: teracota
Polychromy: yes
Size: 8 cm
Weight: 50 g
Category: Historical replica
Owner: Private collector
Tags: statuette, human figure, clay, terracotta

paradata - acquisition

Acquisition date:25-07-2021
Sensor:Sony A7RIII
Focal length:70 mm
Number of images:300
Original image format:ARW
Original image resolution:42 mpx
Processed image resolution:42 mpx
Tags:statuette, human figure, clay, terracotta

paradata - processing

Software:Agisoft Metashape 1.7
Processing Date:31-07-2021
Settings description:Alignment – Highest/ Depth map – Ultrahigh
Original no. of points:34.000.000
Presented no. of points:830.000
Point colors:yes
Point classification:no
File format:las

image gallery