Online 3D repository

An online 3D repository enables easy access and exploration of digitized artifacts and sites. It offers centralized storage, efficient searching, and global accessibility. The repository fosters knowledge sharing, interdisciplinary research, and interactive 3D viewing. With a user-friendly interface, it can revolutionizes the accessibility of your digitized cultural heritage for researchers, educators, and the general public.

Benefits of an Online 3D repository

Access and Availability. Through centralized storage, digitized artifacts and sites are easily accessible to researchers, scholars, and enthusiasts. The repository serves as a comprehensive platform, allowing for efficient searching and browsing of a vast collection of 3D models. Geographical barriers are overcome, enabling global access to cultural heritage that was previously limited by physical location. Furthermore, the online repository ensures the preservation of cultural heritage, safeguarding it for future generations. By providing easy access and availability, an online 3D repository opens up a world of possibilities for exploration and research in the field of cultural heritage..

Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing. This platform facilitates the exchange of data and resources, encouraging interdisciplinary research and global collaboration. Researchers, experts, and enthusiasts from around the world can come together to share their expertise and insights. The repository acts as a hub for knowledge sharing, promoting advancements in various disciplines related to cultural heritage. By fostering collaboration and facilitating the exchange of ideas, an online 3D repository enhances the collective understanding and appreciation of our cultural heritage.

Enhanced exploration and engagement. Through interactive 3D viewing capabilities, users can delve into detailed examinations of digitized artifacts and sites. The user-friendly interface allows for intuitive navigation, making it easy to explore the collection. These immersive experiences provide a deeper level of engagement, enabling users to interact with and understand cultural heritage in a more tangible way. By offering interactive and visually rich experiences, an online 3D repository enhances exploration, learning, and appreciation of our shared cultural heritage.

Enhanced analytical features and sustainability.  In addition to providing access to digitized artifacts and sites, online 3D viewers embedded within the repository offer advanced analytical capabilities. Users can take precise measurements, perform profile slicing, and add annotations to the 3D models, enabling in-depth analysis and research. This empowers researchers, scholars, and experts to conduct detailed examinations, compare data, and extract valuable insights from virtual reconstructions. By combining analytical features with sustainable digital preservation, an online 3D repository provides a powerful and environmentally friendly platform for studying, understanding, and preserving cultural heritage.

key features

Interactive enriched 3D viewing,:  Users can explore digitized artifacts and sites through immersive and interactive 3D viewers. These viewers not only allow for zooming, rotating, and examining objects from various angles but also provide advanced analytical features. Users can take precise measurements, perform profile slicing, and add annotations to the 3D models, enabling in-depth analysis and research. This integration of interactive 3D viewing with analytical capabilities enhances the exploration and understanding of cultural heritage, empowering researchers and scholars to extract valuable insights from virtual reconstructions.

Advanced search capabilities: Users can efficiently browse and search through the repository’s extensive collection of digitized artifacts and sites. The repository’s search functionality allows users to filter results based on specific criteria such as time period, location, or artifact type, enabling precise and targeted searches. This streamlined search process ensures that users can easily locate and access the desired digitized cultural heritage resources. By providing powerful search capabilities, the online 3D repository enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of exploring and studying cultural heritage materials.

User-friendly interface: Designed with usability in mind, the interface provides a seamless and intuitive experience for users. Navigating through the repository is made easy, allowing researchers, scholars, and enthusiasts of all technical backgrounds to explore the collection effortlessly. The user-friendly interface ensures that accessing tools and features is straightforward, enabling users to make the most of their interactions with digitized cultural heritage. By prioritizing a user-centered design approach, the online 3D repository promotes accessibility, making it a welcoming platform for individuals with varying levels of technological proficiency.

Collaboration: It fosters knowledge sharing and facilitates interdisciplinary research among users. Discussions, annotations, and comments can be shared, creating a vibrant community of researchers and scholars. By leveraging collective expertise and perspectives, the repository enhances the exploration and understanding of cultural heritage, promoting collaborative advancements in the field.



A Web-Based Platform for 3D visualization of Cultural Heritage Multimodal Imaging data.


Access the link below to enter the platform. Wait for the model to load then explore it and change the imaging data displayed on the surface.

Cave bear fossil

An experiment using 3D Hop open-source 3D viewer to allow enhanced analytical experience for the users.

Cave bear fossil

Access the link below to enter the viewer. Rotate, pan, zoom, measure, cut slices or just play with the light to highlight different surface details.
Cave bear fossil

Thermo App

A small web application that combines a custom 3D viewer capabilities with interactive tools for viewing stored imaging data in a time-lapse.

Thermo App

Access the link below to enter the page. It is a special custom viewer that allows the user to change the 3D model appearance by switching the textures in a time-lapse fashion.
Thermo App

Roman bronze vessel

A companion web page for an in-depth study of a rare roman bronze vessel. Different types of 3D viewers were used.

Roman bronze vessel

Access the link below to enter the page. It details all the scientific investigation carried out for that vessel and also a few 3D viewers with virtual reconstruction and 3D digitization.
Bronze Vessel

Cercetări arheologice

A professional database and platform for an archaeology dedicated journal "Cercetări Arheologice".

Cercetări Arheologice journal

Access the link below to enter the journal platform. You can access freely scholarly peer-reviewed articles but also public archaeology materials.
Cercetări Arheologice

Demo: Point cloud

A demo page using the PoTree point cloud viewer.

Demo: Point cloud

Access the link below to enter the page.
Potree Demo

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