3D Digitization and web services

With our 3D digitization and web development services we can provide you a wide range of tools for the implementation of your desired changes in your  own online presence.

3D digitization


It’s versatility and top quality deliverables makes it our favorite method for 3D digitization.

  • Terrestrial close-range photogrammetry
  • Aerial survey or scanning
  • Macro-photogrammetry

Wide range of applications

From the smallest artefacts of a few centimeters to large monuments or archaeological sites, we can cover every size for you. State-of-the-art technology with a scientific mindset in search for best practices (today being extremely dynamic) and a wide range of technical and artistical software brings you:

  • fast data acquisition,
  • 3D data processing, point cloud/mesh optimization 
  • specific format deliverables,
  • photo-realistic rendering (static or animated).

Data processing

We can process your own data, old or new. And deliver the best results based on your work.

web publishing

Web development services

3d online presenter

We can customize your own 3D viewer to be integrated in your existing website, for your existing 3D models.

Virtual museum

A complete modern online museum with a custom 3D web presenter for each item in the collection.  This type of application requires a narrative and visual attractiveness to keep the visitors interested and wanting for more.

In our vision a true virtual museum should embody the basic functionalities of a museum: archiving and presentation. 3D virtual museums are still a rarity even at global level. Why not be one of the first pioneers to present your collection in a clean and organized fashion?

Online journal

It is our pleasure to contribute to revamp or build new cultural heritage focused online platforms like journals or presentation websites for museums or collections.


Private studio in Bucharest

You can send or bring safely your items at our headquarters. The 3D digitization data acquisition process is usually quite short, depending on the complexity of the object. 

On-site anywhere

Data acquisition sessions can easily be organized where the objects are store or exhibited. A special risk-free workspace will be organized on-site without hindering your daily activities for too long. Depending on the number of the objects or the complexity of the surface to be digitized the duration of this process can vary, but usually it’s quite short.

Usual process

Diagnose We analyze the problem
Solutions We propose a solution
Agreement A solution that fits both parties
Implementation The agreed solution enters production
Delivery Now you