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How to digitize translucid Cultural Heritage object surfaces


From the beginning I must say that this post is not a guide. I recently published a paper on this topic, and I believe it is more than helpful for anyone in the position of digitizing translucid or highly specular objects, especially in the constraints of Cultural Heritage preventive conservation rules. So this post is a discussion starter and a kind of an invitation to read this paper. The most...

CIPA VILA 2019 – Documenting the Past for a Better Future


CIPA 27th International Symposium THEME: “Documenting the past for a better future” IMPORTANT DATES 1st of March (22 Feb) 2019: Deadline for Full Papers to be submitted in the ISPRS Annals () 11th of March (4 March) 2019: Deadline for Abstracts to be submitted in the ISPRS Archives () 26 Apr 2019: Acceptance notification of Papers and Abstracts 12 July 2019: Final paper submission for both Annals...

element of imagination and creation

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